Newsletter Archive March 6th, 2014

    Did you know that I’m a swimmer?  That’s right, I started swimming about a year ago.  Two or three times a week I swim laps at my neighborhood pool, mostly freestyle, some backstroke.  The Temescal Pool where I swim is an outdoor affair.  It’s heated, run by the Oakland Parks and Rec Dept.  and it’s a mere 4 bucks per swim, not a bad deal.  
     Of course, this bargain does not arrive without downsides.  This is not the cleanest of pools.  The high school PE classes that are allowed to swim there often make big messes; candy wrappers, aesthetically weak graffiti, standard kid stuff.  Many of my neighbors won’t swim there because of this. They prefer to drive uptown to Berkeley for the finer pools.  But for me, at 4 bucks and a short bike ride away this is the pool.
     In the winter months, the pool hours continue well past nightfall.  Not many folks swim after dark, too cold I guess.  But it’s my favorite time to be there.  I like to do the backstroke at night.  I like looking up at the vast night sky, through the chlorine steam, and sensing that I am floating on the outermost veneer of the Earth, that though I am physically surrounded by a labyrinth of urban sprawl, I am also at the very brink of where this planet ends and the rest of the universe begins.

Come get trippy with me at these two upcoming shows.  And please forgive me for the very last minute notice:

This Friday March 7th at 10PM my band Sad Vicious hosts the best monthly show in San Francisco: Talkies at Lost Weekend Video.  Get Tickets Here.

Then, this Wednesday March 12th at 7:30PM I’m in a Competitive Improv Karaoke Powerpoint show in SF called Speechless.  It is really fun.  Get Tickets Here.

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