Newsletter Archive May 23rd, 2014

 Hi, thanks for looking.  If you don’t care to bother with my incessant yammering and make-believe you can just scroll down to the bottom and get the cold facts.

     Multi-tasking, the habit of doing two or more things at once.  As I write this I’m listening to music and typing at the same time, so I guess I qualify.  Multi-tasking has fascinated me ever since a dear friend started performing ambient-noise music.  At his shows I just thought, “People should really be doing something else while listening to this.”  The idea of a crowd of people watching a person fiddle with knobs seemed absurd to me.  I thought it might be better if they all brought jigsaw puzzles or playing cards and enjoyed the two at once.  But what do I know.  I often accuse myself of being hyperactive; it’s usually easier for me to do many things at once than just one thing.  It’s like I have a certain volume of concentration that desires to be filled and I prefer if it’s all taken up, something like that, not really sure.

Every few years a soft-left journal like the New York Times will publish a correlative “science” study that addresses the multi-tasking habits of men vs. those of women.  How like the countless hack comedians of the world do they appear to me at those times, “Men multi-task like this, and WOMEN multi-task like THAT, am I right!” fuh.  Personally, I’m more curious about the multi-tasking behaviors of the non-binary gendered, where’s that study?  I mean it’s 2014, am I right!  OK, I’ll stop.

Look, the reason I’m carrying on about multi-tasking is that I hereby invite you to join me and my cohorts from the Wonderment Consortium this Tuesday night from 7-9PM PST for the Live Radio Auction on 9th Floor Radio.  But, not all of you, dear reader.  I ask not for all of your attention, I ask not for your uninterrupted focus on what we do during the radio show, just part of it.  Because from 7-9PM this Tuesday we will be auctioning off a variety of wonderful items that could be yours.  We will be describing items and taking bids over the phone to raise money for a worthy organization, perhaps you’d like to call-in?  But, admittedly, there won’t be a whole lot going on.  So please, this Tuesday evening, put the kettle on, get out the backgammon board, or the knitting needles, or the trimming shears and turn some of your attention, but not all of it, to  I think you might really enjoy it.  Packard made a delightful promo video for the radio show HERE.

In other news, I’m hosting the best unconventional, experimental, and multi-media comedy show in SF called Talkies! Friday, June 6th at 8:30PM.  I really love this show, come check it out.  After that, Sad Vicious has a couple really big things coming up that I’m very excited to tell you about.  First, we will be in Los Angeles on June 14th playing two shows.  The first is at Echoes Under Sunset at 8PM.  Then we are at Tomorrow! with Ron Lynch at Midnight.  Please come check us out and let your friends know that San Jose’s Most Hated Band™ is planning some very special shows to entertain all the ‘industry people’ for whom we are sure to be performing.  And finally, back here in The Bay Area, Sad Vicious is headlining a show with Ron Lynch at The Berkeley Art Museum Friday, July 18th at 6PM.  Fun!  OK, once again in brief:

Wonderment Consortium Hosts ‘Live Radio Auction’
This Tuesday May 27th from 7 to 9PM PST
On 9th Floor Radio
Listen Online At:
Check Out The Promo Video HERE.

Scott Hosts Talkies!
Friday June 6th 8:30 PM
At Cynic Cave at Lost Weekend Video in San Francisco

Sad Vicious Spring Tour 2014: Welcome To Hollywood
Saturday June 14th Echoes under Sunset in LA at 8PM
Saturday June 14th Tomorrow! With Ron Lynch at The Steve Allen Theater in LA at Midnight

Sad Vicious Plays The Berkeley Art Museum
Friday July 18th at 6PM
At The Berkeley Art Museum

Thanks for reading and kindest regards,

-Scott Vermeire


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