Newsletter Archive January 21st, 2015

As per usual, you can skip the chatter and get right to the cold facts at the bottom of this email if you wish, thanks!

There’s two kinds of people in this world: those who do, and those who do not keep reptiles in their homes.   I can take one look at a fella and immediately know whether or not he is a keeper of the cold-blooded.  It’s a dander or something, the scent of molting flesh and electric heat on their clothing.  And whenever you go into the homes of these folks they always want to show you the critters,
“That’s Franklin, he’s shy, he never comes out from under that rock.”
“Ya don’t say.”
Not that they needed to visually demonstrate the critter’s existence.  One can smell the warm turtle water from the door.  Now, don’t get me wrong, some of my favorite people in this world have the typical array of pet slitherers; a turtle, a big lizard, some kind of albino snake named Louise that they’ve had since they were seven.  I don’t think these folks are weird or evil, at least not any more so than anyone else.

I’ve been thinking a lot about evil lately.  What is it?  Can a person be wholly evil?  Can individual actions be?  To the sacrificial mouse, the snake is likely the image of pure evil.  But to that same snake, I suspect evil is manifested in her own glass-walled prison.  Yet to her keeper, or captor, this confinement is an act of care and love.  In the field of storytelling, a well-constructed villain consistently sees him or herself as a hero, just in a different situation.

I grew up devoutly Christian.  In that religious tradition evil is embodied in Satan.  If something vicious, hurtful, or destructive happens, Satan is often shouldered with the blame.  But, this idea of an ethereal supernatural deity of malice just seems like such a preposterous fantasy to me.  A personal Satan is so overtly theatrical, overplayed, far-fetched.  If you ask me, old goatlegs has got “reptile keeper” written all over him.  Always down at the farmers market with his Ball Python in the front pocket of his overalls, trying to draw attention to his whole deal, making a big scene of it,
“Sandra’s hungry you guys, I gotta take her home!  Sandra needs to eat, she’s fatigued, I’m heading out!”

Upcoming Shows:
Sad Vicious Plays SF Sketchfest
This Saturday January 24th, 8PM, The Dark Room in San Francisco.  Get tickets Here.

Scott Plays Sketchfest Solo, Three Nights!
Saturday, January 31st 10:30PM at Cynic Cave in San Francisco.  Get Tickets Here.
Friday February 6th 8PM at Cynic Cave in San Francisco.  Get Tickets Here.
Saturday February 7th 8PM at Cynic Cave in San Francisco.  Get Tickets Here.

Recent Works:
I was enlisted by David Shrigley to record a vocal track that he wrote for his latest audio album. Listen to it here.
I also wrote and performed some very creepy vocals for Old Man Gloom’s newest album The Ape Of God.  Check it out here.
I was asked to be a lead actor in this awesome crime fiction podcast called Tales From The Swan Hotel.  Stream it here.
And finally, I was asked by some very kind curators from the UK to make a video for the ISEA Dubai 2014 show.  Here’s what I made.

Thanks for reading, keep in touch, and kindest regards,

-Scott Vermeire


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